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NESOL Catalog : a catalog of the library's holdings in books, journals, and miscellaneous items related to Shakespeare studies and the authorship debate, Elizabethan history and politics.

NB: Books are presently in storage, but can be retrieved for members

SOAR Catalog: : (Shakespeare Online Authorship Resources): a specialized catalog with over 5,000 entries for articles, essays and news items published in both Oxfordian journals, newsletters, magzines, and books over the past 95 years, and in numerous non-Oxfordian publications. SOAR also includes articles and essays presented at conferences and/or published on the web, plus a selection of documents (e.g. letters, diaries, wills, etc) related to the authorship debate. Any materials available online are noted in the records, with direct hyper-links to individual articles themselves or to the complete issues of the newsletters or journals in which they were published.

Articles not available online but owned by NESOL can be requested in scanned PDF format by SOAR subscribers.

All the entries in SOAR can now be ordered in book form: An Index to Oxfordian Publications (3rd Edition, 2015). See the details for discounted copies on our Bookstore page, or check out the searchable preview copy available at

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Welcome to the library...

The New England Shakespeare Oxford Library (NESOL) is a private special library located in Somerville, Mass., dedicated to the study of Shakespearean literature and history and the study of the Shakespeare Authorship question. The Library is comprised of both a permanent collection of books and journals, listed in the NESOL Catalog. These materials are presently in storage, but can be retrieved and made available for library members in the Boston area.

The library's major activity at present (2015) is building and maintaining an online database of journal and newsletter articles on the Oxfordian theory of the Shakespeare authorship --- the SOAR Catalog. The SOAR (Shakespeare Online Authorship Resources) entries are also available in book form in An Index to Oxfordian Publications (3rd Edition, 2015), which is currently available from our bookstore (discounted) and on As of Spring 2015 the SOAR Catalog contains nearly 5,000 entries, and by the end of 2015 will contain 6,500, reflecting the lastest updates in the third edition of An Index to Oxfordian Publications.

While the library is operated by individuals who accept the Oxfordian theory of the authorship of the Shakespeare canon (and the authorship portion of our collection concentrates on this theory), we welcome all who are interested in general Shakespeare studies. Indeed, it is our conviction that knowing the true author of the canon and the circumstances under which he wrote will greatly increase one's understanding and appreciation of the plays and poems.

Our Catalog

While our cataloged books are presently in storage, anyone may consult our holdings by searching the NESOL Catalog. We also maintain a separate database/catalog of articles and essays (from newsletters, journals, magazines and books) published over the past 100-plus years on the authorship debate and the Oxfordian theory. This database/catalog, SOAR (Shakespeare Online Authorship Resources), is available to the general public. However, some of the article links are to licensed materials that are available only to NESOL library members or Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre members. Anyone may become a library member for an annual fee. Members can also gain physical access to the Library's book collection, the services of a reference librarian who specializes in Shakespeare studies and the Shakespeare Authorship question, photocopying / delivery services for materials (i.e. journal and newsletter articles) not available on the Web, and borrowing privileges. Members may borrow materials by visiting the library in person, or via a mail service with prior agreement with the Library (details to be announced).

Catalog records in both NESOL and SOAR will provide links to material anywhere it is available on the Internet (i.e. other Shakespeare authorship and/or Shakespeare websites, publisher websites, archival websties, Google books, etc.). Links may be to freely available material or to sites (such as mainstream magazines or licensed databases) where the material is available only by subscription (our copying service for members will be only for those materials not available on the web).

Our Collection

A long-time Shakespearean researcher and writer began our collection with a generous donation of books collected over a lifetime. Since then we have also been adding publications to this collection with donations from several other local researchers, and purchasing a selection of newly published books to provide patrons with up-to-date materials on many subjects related to Shakespeare studies and the Renaissance in general, its culture, philosophy, history, literature, politics, and music, with a particular interest in the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth I, and the Shakespeare Authorship question. We shall make available to our members research and publications related to all Shakespeare Authorship theories, with emphasis on the Oxfordian theory that Edward de Vere, Seventeenth Earl of Oxford (1550-1604), was the true author of the Shakespeare canon. Our goal is to provide a useful core collection of publications and research materials for study.

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While we have on hand a good starting collection of both Oxfordian and general authorship materials, basic Shakespeare texts and criticism, and Elizabethan/Jacobean history and biographies, new material is published continually and there is much older material which we would love to acquire. Therefore, in order for the library to be a dynamic organization in the New England region we will need ---like any good library--- to purchase books and to subscribe to journals and newsletters on an on-going basis. So, we welcome your donations of books, journals (or subscriptions to journals), or other related items. If you wish to help us financially, consider making a donation,

or becoming a sustaining member for $100.00. See below for details, under "Membership."

We would also be most grateful for any in-kind (i.e. books or subscriptions) donations you may be able to give to help us build the Library. For more information, please contact

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Even as we continue building our catalog, we can now offer those in the Boston area the ability to borrow books from our collection by becoming subscribing members for just $35.00 per year. Members from anywhere in the US are eligible to request from us copies of essays in journals, newsletters or books and have them sent to them via fax or email attachment (see Member Services). We expect later this year to announce how members may borrow books by mail. Books eligible for loan-by-mail will be noted in the catalog. Sustaining memberships are available for those who wish to help underwrite the costs of building and maintaining our catalog, housing the collection, and acquiring new materials.

Contact with any questions about membership.

Subscribing member ($35.00, one year):

Sustaining member ($100.00, one year):

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