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New England Shakespeare
Oxford Library
- Member Services -

NESOL members can borrow books directly from the library
if they live in the Boston (MA) area, or ---if the books are
not rare--- borrow them via the US Postal Service. Books would be shipped at the standard book rate; members would be responsible for the cost of both shipping and return postage and guarantee replacement if the book is lost.

Members can also request copies of articles listed in SOAR
that are not available online but which the library does
own in hardcopy. Requests should be sent to the and specify:

1) which articles are being requested (use
the clipboard feature in SOAR to copy
the basic information)

2) that you are a current member of NESOL

Copies can be sent as email attachments (in a protected PDF file) or as a photocopy via the regular US Postal Service.